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Business-Focused Solutions with Microsoft Cloud Management

Microsoft Azure, an ever-expanding cloud platform, empowers you to overcome ongoing business challenges, optimising resources and offering robust, cloud-native services for tangible business advantages.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is your pathway to harnessing cutting-edge cloud technology. It’s more than just a cloud platform; it’s a comprehensive suite of services that empowers your business. With Azure, we help you build, deploy, and manage applications, ensuring scalability, security, and innovation. As your trusted partner, we guide you through Azure’s limitless potential to create tailored solutions for your unique needs, providing the edge you need in today’s digital landscape.

The Azure cloud platform offers endless services designed to help you bring new solutions to life.

Comprehensive Compute Services

Microsoft Azure offers the full spectrum of compute workloads, from Virtual Servers to Containers (Docker, Kubernetes), and even true Serverless computing. It’s your go-to for enterprise-level computing.

Media and CDN Capabilities

Azure handles large-scale video processing, auto-subtitling (like the Sorchi Winter Olympics), video transcription to text, transcoding, and global distribution. All this ensures a smooth, low-latency viewing experience.

Integration Expertise

The Azure platform seamlessly integrates cloud and on-premise workloads, using services like Message Queues, Workflow, and Enterprise Service Bus. Plus, enjoy high-speed connectivity to Oracle Cloud.

Data Storage and Processing

From SQL Server to massive Data Lakes and globally distributed databases like Cosmos, Azure handles structured and unstructured data. Specialised services for Documents and Search are available.

AI and Intelligence

Tap into Cortana Intelligence services for image and video analysis, language understanding, and more. The Azure Edge and Platform brings AI within reach.

Analytics & IoT Solutions

Microsoft Azure supports both small and large-scale data analytics, including Machine Learning for IoT data pipelines, Complex Event Processing, and Historical Storage.

Developer Services

Azure cloud offers Application Development Services with CI/CD support, automated testing, Development Environments, and post-deployment monitoring.

Application Platform

For tailored solutions in web, mobile, and remote workloads, Microsoft Azure is the platform of choice.

Hybrid Cloud Capabilities

Azure is your hybrid cloud solution, bridging on-premise and cloud with seamless coordination.

Security & Management

Count on Azure for identity management, policy enforcement, monitoring, event analysis, and more.

Infrastructure Services

With 50+ data centres worldwide, Azure provides global scale without global complexities.

The Real Potential of Microsoft Azure Technology

Get More Done

The user-friendly tools, pre-built templates, and managed services of Microsoft Azure empower everyone. Microsoft leads in Gartner’s Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services.

Open and Flexible

Azure supports diverse operating systems, programming languages, and frameworks. You can build apps with ease.

Extend Initial IT Environment

Microsoft Azure integrates seamlessly with your existing IT setup, with secure private connections and data protection.


Azure’s pay-as-you-go model means you pay for what you use, ensuring cost-effective scalability.

Data Security

Complying with rigorous European Union (EU) privacy regulations, Azure ensures robust data protection measures that have received recognition from the EU.

Informed Decisions

Leverage Azure’s analytics to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise

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