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Delivering complete business-focused solutions built on cutting-edge Microsoft Cloud technology.

Microsoft Azure provides an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help you meet continuous business challenges. This technology platform helps you do more with less, providing rich, cloud-native services that deliver business benefits.

The Azure cloud platform offers endless services designed to help you bring new solutions to life.

Compute Services

From Virtual Servers through Containers (Docker, Kubernetes) and reaching true Serverless computing Microsoft Azure provides the full range of compute workload support needed for an Enterprise deployment;

Media and CDN

Microsoft Azure is used to carry and auto-subtitle the video feeds from the Sorchi Winter Olympics. This platform provides video content processing and streaming at massive scale.  Video transcription to text which then becomes a clickable/searchable index of the video stream, transcoding to different formats and global distribution for a low latency viewing experience;


Loose and tightly coupled integration services between Cloud workloads and to on-premise and other cloud hosts including Message Queues, Workflow services and Enterprise Service Bus Services.  For instance, recently announced is direct high speed connectivity to Oracle Cloud


Storage and Processing for Structured and Unstructured data including the well known SQL Server but also Massive scale Data Lakes, Globally distributed very low latency databases such as Cosmos and specialised services for Documents and Search;


Cortana Intelligence (AI) services for Image and Video analysis, language understanding and translation, emotion detection, facial recognition and much more  The commoditization of artificial intelligence – AI;

Analytics & IoT

Microsoft Azure provides support for small and massive scale data analytics including Machine Learning (AI) with a specific set of services targeted at providing an IoT data pipeline with Ingestion, Complex Event Processing, Historical Storage and Visualisation;

Developer Services

Microsoft Azure provides Application Development Services including Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment support, automated testing, Development Environments and post deployment monitoring;

Application Platform

Microsoft Azure provides Specific Tailored solutions for Web, Mobile and remote workloads (API applications)

Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud with the ability to have one leg in the cloud and one out but have both legs fully integrated and coordinated;

Security & Management

Microsoft Azure helps Identity, Policy, Monitoring, Event capture and Analysis and so much more;

Infrastructure Services

With over 50 data centres worldwide, Microsoft Azure can give you global scale without a global headache.

In practice, here’s what you can achieve with Microsoft Azure technology

Get More Done

Anyone can use Azure thanks to the tools, pre-built templates and managed services that are available. Microsoft is the only vendor that is position as a Leader across Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services.

Open and Flexible Solution

Azure supports the broadest selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, databases and devices. It’s easy to build apps with JavaScript, Python, .NET, PHP, Java and Node.js; back-ends for iOS, Android and Windows devices; or Linux containers.

Extend Initial IT Environment

When you choose Azure, you get the power of Microsoft infrastructure that can integrate with your existing IT environment. With the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, and data residency and encryption features – your assets stay right where you need them.


Azure’s pay-as-you-go services can quickly scale up or down to match demand. That means you’re only paying for what you use, and service roundups always get unbeatable prices for performance.

Data Protection

Microsoft is committed to protecting your data. We have rigorous EU privacy laws and have been recognized by the European Union for our commitment to keeping your data secure.

Make Smarter Decisions

Azure provides bespoke analytics services that allow users to make smarter and more accurate decisions about their businesses and guard them against competing organisations.

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