Aviation Solutions

Operational processes constrained by the limitations of your current systems?

Cross-functional bottlenecks and pinch points, silos of information and varied system requirements?

We provide customisable solutions based on your aviation processes & requirements.

At TEKenable we believe good systems and IT infrastructures should have the built-in capacity to flex and grow when needed and our products are focused on the end-user experience and enterprise scalability.

We can help by either replacing or augmenting your current system(s) and provide lift by introducing software options that:

Our lease management system for aviation provides a “system of record” for your business data to efficiently manage core business processes in an integrated manner. It empowers leaders & managers to gain cross-departmental visibility that enables them to discover process improvements and generate major efficiency gains.


The system leverages Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based platform, which facilitates remote working, while offering robust security with role-based access integrated with Microsoft 365. This integration of systems facilitates a streamlined and efficient flow of cross-functional processes in your business from technical asset management to contract management to finance, with data outputs and reporting tools accessible to Credit, Legal, Marketing and Trading teams.

One contextual and holistic view of customer interactions through a single interface.

TEKenable offers a billing and invoice management system which is fully customisable to clients’ business needs.

Customer account details are available at the click of a button, including current balances and historical invoice listings as well as any current leases with a historical list of schedules and utilisation records.


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Contracts Management

Our lease management system can create, update, store, and retrieve contracts and legal documents. Creating, signing and sending contracts can be done in a matter of minutes compared to weeks when done manually. 

Sales & Marketing Management

This dynamic solution can help to simplify and streamline your business’ marketing and trading efforts. You can create and manage contacts, create opportunities, convert them into leads and track their progress without the need to manually keep a record of your existing or potential clients or risk the loss of any sales opportunity.


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Risk Management

Using Microsoft Dynamics’ low code solution, leasing companies can implement, test, and deploy internal credit rating models on a centralised platform with a flexible, workflow-enabled, fully auditable risk rating engine. 

Moreover, they can also leverage pre-configured Scorecards for credit risk assessment.


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Inventory and Supply Chain Management

For companies in the engine leasing industry, inventory management is one of the more important business functions to optimise. The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of capital tied up in excess inventory without running the risk of long lead times and delayed deliveries.


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Manage from Anywhere

Our software isn’t restricted to the desktop, it’s a fully web/cloud-enabled platform that can be accessed via desktop, laptop or tablet. Views can be easily customised and the connection is secure. Information is available in real-time across your entire organisation.


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Are you meeting your corporate ESG Targets?

Aircraft Leasing Ireland (ALI), the industry group that represents the aircraft leasing sector in Ireland, recently unveiled the ALI Sustainability Charter, the first set of ESG and climate-aligned principles for the aviation industry promoting collaboration and ambition amongst the lessor community. 


As owners of almost half the global fleet of aircraft, the leasing community has the experience and global influence necessary to move the needle and drive aviation towards a sustainable future and demonstrate a commitment to supporting the wider industry to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

Moving to the cloud can lead to a 98% reduction in carbon emissions versus having servers on premise.

TEKenable can assist you with all of the Azure migration tools and guidance you need to plan and implement your move to the cloud.


Build a roadmap showing which workloads will migrate, in what order, and how that will be monitored and success measured. It is therefore important to have a consensus and understanding with your stakeholders before migration, to ensure smooth and fast delivery of the cloud migration process.


Establish your business cloud migration priorities and objectives. It is necessary to determine your IT workloads, their inter dependencies, data sensitivities and performance characteristics to inform a migration plan.


Working collaboratively, we design and implement a cloud computing strategy tailored to your needs. We use four widely used migration strategies: Rehost or “lift and shift”, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild.

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Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

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Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

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Proven Track Record of Delivery into Enterprise Customers

Over 150 Experienced Experts in Cloud and Low Code Platforms

Guaranteed a High Standard of In-House Expertise

Customer Success Stories

”We have no hesitation in recommending TEKenable as technology partners. They delivered valuable insights and value-add recommendations, based on a thorough analysis of our business processes. They delivered on schedule, listened to input from across the Public Appointments Service and set out a clear roadmap for implementation. I look forward to continuing to partner with TEKenable throughout this project work.”
Rosemarie O’Mahony
Head of IT
”TEKenable have been working with us for the past 12 months and I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Their professionalism, technology delivery and customers service is exemplary. I look forward to continuing our partnership with TEKenable to complete our current projects and explore new opportunities.
Russell Ferris
Weatherbys Ireland CEO

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