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HSE Positive Antigen Results Portal

HSE Positive Antigen Results Portal


The HSE turned to us (TEKenable) to build an online portal where people could register a positive antigen test. The portal had to be live within an extremely tight deadline, we built it and it took just 7 days from request to go live.

From 14/01/2022, people who test positive on an antigen test will be able to upload their results directly to the Antigen Positives Portal ( From there, the close contact details can be entered and that will flow into a management system. Close contacts will then get contacted in the same way that happens through the PCR system.

The online portal is being introduced after Cabinet approved a number of changes to rules around close contacts. The new rules that came into operation will allow thousands of people who are staying at home to return to the workplace.


Anyone uploading their positive antigen test to the HSE website will be asked to submit their contact details, PPS number, the date they had a positive antigen test result, and select the reason they took an antigen test. The HSE says the online portal is anonymous, and the name or number of the positive case will not be shared with their close contacts.

The current guidance is for anyone with symptoms to take an antigen test. If that antigen is positive, people are now asked to log their results and isolate for seven days.

Close contacts will then get contacted in the same way that happens through the PCR system. Logging an antigen test on the portal does not qualify people for a recovery cert, a PCR test or a professional antigen test is required to receive the certificate.


People will now be able to register a positive antigen test directly through the HSE website. The portal can be used to report a positive antigen test and list close contacts.

The ability to record positive antigen tests will start to give us a better idea of how many cases of Coronavirus are in the country because we’ve lost sight of that at the moment because the testing system is overwhelmed.

Anthony Staines

Dublin City University’s Professor of Health Systems

The system will also ensure that close contacts are given the correct public health advice. Up until recently, the only cases that were reported by health officials were those confirmed by a professional PCR test.

Dublin City University’s Professor of Health Systems, Anthony Staines, says the antigen testing changes are welcome. “Antigen testing is part of the solution to managing Coronavirus in any society,” he said.

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