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We bring broad technical expertise to all our engagements, allowing us to use the most appropriate technology for any project. More importantly however, we start by understanding what our client wishes to accomplish. Only then do we decide on what technology to use.

But while we’re ultimately platform agnostic, we do have a large .NET development team. We’ve worked with the Microsoft technology stack since 2002 so we know our way around their technologies. And because Microsoft’s technologies are now all Cloud based they are also easier than ever to deploy. All good reasons why we frequently use them.

That said,we aren’t limited to the Microsoft stack. We also work with open source technologies. In fact, one of our largest recent projects involved a bespoke Java application.

Have a look below at some of the key technology platforms we use at TEKenable and how we use them to deliver value for our client base.

Microsoft Dynamics
We’re big fans of Microsoft Dynamics. In recent years Microsoft have expanded Dynamics far beyond its original role as a CRM platform. In fact, Dynamics is now better described as a ‘XRM’ solution where ‘x’ represents any relationship the user wishes to manage. With powerful out of the box functionality it plays an important role in many of our projects and can be extended with custom code if needed.
Microsoft SharePoint
SharePoint is another popular Microsoft platform and now comes bundled with Enterprise Office 365 plans. Like Dynamics, SharePoint offers strong out of the box capabilities. It’s also highly configurable and a natural solution for applications like document management and intranet deployment. By further combining SharePoint with custom code, we can deliver complex workflows.
Microsoft Azure
Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service and we use it to build, test, deploy and manage applications. Azure comes with a host of useful features, ranging from access to popular Microsoft applications like Dynamics and SharePoint through to the Visual Studio developer environment. It also includes storage services, powerful machine learning, AI and data analytics tools.
Power Bi
We use Microsoft Power BI to deliver business analytics and reporting services for our clients. We like Power BI because it’s cloud based, quick to deploy, easy to learn and places self service capability within the reach of non-IT staff. With Power BI Desktop, office based staff have access to live dashboards and interactive reports while Power BI Mobile allows you access the same data on the go. Read-only licences are also free, making it a cost effective option for many organisations.
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Server is our preferred database management software. It’s a powerful platform and includes SQL Server Reporting Services, which supports the creation and delivery of BI reports. On the data management side, it includes SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Data Quality Services and SQL Server Master Data Services. We also like its developer features: Data Tools, for developing databases, and Management Studio for deploying and managing databases.
Microsoft .Net
The .NET framework is a Microsoft software development infrastructure for building, deploying, and running applications. It consists of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the .NET Framework class library. As we’re primarily a .NET development software company we use the .NET framework extensively in our projects. We first develop our software using Visual Studio, another Microsoft development environment, and then run it using the .NET framework.
Click Dimensions
Click Dimensions is a marketing automation platform. Natively integrated with Dynamics 365, it includes essential marketing tools including email marketing, campaign automation and web intelligence, forms and landing pages. We use it to get more from your Dynamics platform.
We like Xamarin because we can code the business logic for a native app just once in C# but deploy it across both iOS and Android devices. The savings we get from using can then be passed on to our client, often making the difference between an affordable solution and one that is too expensive to implement.
Open Source/Java
While our software development team spend most of our time working with Microsoft technologies, we’re ultimately technology agnostic. If a customer requires an open source solution we can deliver that too. Our largest recent project, in fact, involved the delivery of a bespoke platform built in Java.

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